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Keith has worked in the Fitness Industry in the UK for 20 years, in both the private and public sector, working as a Gym Instructor, Studio Teacher and Personal Trainer with a wide range of different client groups.

As an LFA Global Master Trainer and a highly skilled educationalist, Keith has extensive experience in course delivery and provides education all over the world, equipping fitness professionals with knowledge, skills and confidence to be successful in the fitness industry.


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With the explosion in Small Group Activity that is taking place on the gym floor within fitness facilities, and the vast amount of RIGs available to choose from, making a decision on the type of RIG could lead to the facility to the point of ‘choice paralysis’, or even more disastrous, making the wrong RIG decision. The aim of this article is to explore some of the factors that need to be consider when deciding on the right type of RIG for your facility. In no particular order here are some of the factors/questions that need to be considered/asked by a facility before purchasing a RIG.

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