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Service Q&A Loud and Proud (1)

'Spotlight On' - your Customer Support Team

Welcome to the first instalment of our brand new ‘Spotlight On’ series. In this new series, we’ll be going behind the scenes, exploring and sharing insights from the Life Fitness team, and the stories behind some of our inspirational partners’ clubs and facilities, too.  

We understand that when you are looking for a supplier for your fitness facility, you want more than just good products. It’s important to us that you have access to an elite support team and structure to ensure your facility is always working seamlessly so your members can achieve their goals every single day.  

At Life Fitness, we pride ourselves on hiring and training staff to deliver exceptional service throughout your continued journey with us. Lisa New is one of our Customer Support Advisors and she has offered some insight into the care and details that happen behind the scenes to keep your equipment in tip top condition, whilst resolving and issues quickly and efficiently.   

Name: Lisa New 

Job Title: Customer Support Advisor 

Years/Experience at Life Fitness: 2 years 

What does your job role entail?  

I look after all aspects of the support for our gyms and home users. I am responsible for answering queries, raising jobs, and actioning calls and emails that come into support. I also look after Fitness First, all whilst ensuring we give the customers the ‘Life Fitness’ customer service experience. I am also the content point for two of our field technicians, answering any questions or ordering replacement parts for them remotely while they are on the road with customers. 

What does a typical day look like?   

We come in and log into phones if it is our rota day to do so. If we are not on phones, our focus is the support inbox. I check for any jobs from the previous day that need further parts ordering and get those ordered.  

I then look at the inbox I have been allocated for the week, and work from top to bottom in there to action all tickets. Once this is done, I will move onto other inboxes to help organise and action the ticket numbers. If it’s a phone day, I’ll take incoming calls to support and raise jobs over the phone, and handle all queries. During the afternoon I normally then check my Fitness First inbox and action any additional jobs or invoices that have come in through there. We also support our allocated technicians and actions any jobs or orders required. 

What types of questions or queries do you receive from customers?  

Anything and everything from troubleshooting on consoles to installation queries on brand new self-install machines.  

What do you enjoy most in your role?  

I love providing a great customer service experience for our customers and I know I do that really well. I love being able to turn a negative into a positive and really show our customers we are here to help. 

What is most challenging in your role?  

We have such a vast array of machines, equipment, and technology that it can sometimes be tricky as we can’t know it all, but we have our senior in house technicians on hand for any of those queries that challenge us. It’s not what you know but who you know! 

What are you most proud of working in your role for Life Fitness?  

Being the first service advisor to support two technicians with phone support and ordering parts, which has since been rolled out to all advisors and technicians. Most recently I have taken over the management of support for our Fitness First account, too.  

What targets or KPIs do you work towards? 

I work towards First time Fix rate for technicians, customer satisfaction ratings, telephone abandonment rates and customer response time targets. 

From a service point of view, why do you think a customer should choose Life Fitness as their gym equipment supplier?  

Because our service really is second to none, we really care about making sure we are doing all we can to get any issues resolved in a timely manner and we are committed to our customers to be the best and to keep them up and operating! 

Here’s what some of Lisa’s customers have to say: 

‘Connie and Lisa have been great at helping me get the problem I had resolved. The Technician, Kennedy, came out today and fixed the problem and I can’t wait to use the bike I purchased! A huge thank you to all the team – I’m now a very happy customer!’ 

‘Excellent customer service. Refreshingly helpful and responsive. Thanks very much.’ 

‘Provided an excellent customer service experience from the very first email in.’  

‘It really goes a long way knowing that there is someone at the other end of the emails trying to resolve your issues you have.’  

‘Every technician that has attended has been thorough and really tried to get the bottom of the issues.’ 

Starting a journey with Life Fitness is not just purchasing your fitness equipment. It is a lifelong partnership, with people who continue to provide support at every point in your journey. This Q&A with Lisa gives you an insight into the many people here that truly go above and beyond.  

All our customers can add support to their Life Fitness package, with Silver, Gold, and Platinum level options. Click here to see our service and support options in more detail.