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Couples Who Sweat Together, Stay Together

Valentine’s Day means a date with your loved one. But don't think that quality time needs to be spent at a cosy restaurant or any other traditional date spot. Try sweating it out together at the gym. Exercising with a special someone is not only a way to partake in some friendly competition, but a way to stay accountable to your training goals.

Lift and spot.  Whether at the gym or at home, strength training is an important part of a healthy workout routine and is often more effective when done in pairs. Lifting weights with a loved one should reflect the strengths of your relationship, too, because the best weight lifting partners are trustworthy, accountable and motivating. You can spot each other with the heavy weights, help each other with form and encourage each other to reach your goals. 

Set the pace. Go for some interval training, partner style. Whether indoors on treadmills or outdoors on the road, map out the number of intervals, time of each workout and breaks for recovery. Then, cheer each other on. Interval training in pairs is a great way to stay motivated and improve cardiovascular fitness.

Stay by each other’s side. Pick a cardio machine, like a cross-trainer or treadmill, and work out side by side. But work at your own speed, intensity, desired incline and resistance level, so you can enjoy the company and a workout individualised just for you.

Class it up. Take turns signing each other up for classes to take together. Trying various classes can help push past your comfort zones, work different muscles groups and keep your workout routines interesting. Plus, classes allow for different fitness levels with modifications and the freedom to choose an appropriate intensity level.