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Williams F1 Gym 2019

Ever wondered how F1 drivers train in the gym?

Life Fitness goes behind the scenes with Williams F1 driver George Russell…

Lifestyles, traveling schedules and a unique set of requirements placed on the mind and body mean that F1 teams and drivers alike consider fitness, rehabilitation and functional training as critical to their performance and longevity throughout a season. A bespoke set of motor skills as well as functional strength around the neck, forearm and shoulders need to be developed and trained throughout each workout – allowing the driver to prepare for the G-force and harsh demands that a race places on the body.


Williams F1 Gym 2019

In a typical race, drivers can burn up to 1,400 calories, lose 5% of body weight in sweat and experience up to 5G of force under heavy breaking. Although George is familiar to similar conditions with his FIA Formula 2 experience, the unique strains of F1 racing mean that George and his team need to take his body to its limits to ensure his performance can remain at elite level.  

As a young driver aiming to truly make his mark in the F1 scene, it is crucial to ensure that endurance remains high as his strength and explosive power naturally increases with age and regular training. 
This forces a unique method of training that strength and conditioning coach Aleix Olle Casanovas builds into his high intensity, short rest workouts. 

Life Fitness got behind the scenes and spoke with young prospect and ROKiT Williams F1 driver George Russell and his coach to uncover the various components that constitute to a workout when at the Williams Life Fitness Gym – hosted at Rokit Williams Racing HQ in Wantage, England.