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Evolution Ride Uk 2019 – What To Expect

Yesterday I had the pleasure and excitement of visiting the Burgess Hall in St Ives, the venue for the inaugural Team ICG UK Evolution Ride on January 19th 2019. I was there to visit with the lighting and sound team and discuss lighting requirements for each of the 8 awesome sessions that we’ve got planned. I have to say that I was so impressed with the lighting production and can fully envisage how the mixture of LED beams, Hydrabeams, lanterns, moving heads and lasers will really be an integral part of your experience throughout the day. The sound levels were awesome too and sound quality was really nice. I’m now even more excited to be teaching there and can’t wait to get to January but I couldn’t help but think to myself that whilst I’m excited, you guys might not know what to expect so I thought I’d fill you in with some (not all) of the details for a few of the sessions.

The session that I’m most excited to see come together is Love and War with Stacey. Once we’ve done the opener which will have all trainers on the stage, Stacey will be the first one out there alone and this session will be an experience that you’ll remember. Stacey will take you through the story of Romeo and Juliet in a way that only she could, using a mixture of rock music, theatrical lighting, and expressive dance, she’ll let you ride through emotions of Love and War. Stacey’s playlist is likely to stand out and with music from Thirty Seconds to Mars, and My Chemical Romance it will most certainly sound unique. Dancers will dramatically visualise scenes from the famous play that you’ll instantly recognise whilst you ride the story narrated to you with energy and emotion by your ICG Master Trainer. This is one not to miss and one that you will never forget.

Let’s discuss the programmes and the one that I think you’ll really love, Myride®+. If you’ve never ridden to video before then this will be a blast. We have 2 sessions at Evolution Ride that will use the Myride®+ system which allows you to ride to super-high definition real-life video footage which will match your journey as guided by your Master Trainer. That’s going to be pretty cool if you’ve never done it before and even if you have ridden Myride®+ before, this time it will be 10 metres wide and 5 metres tall. The landscape will rear up in front of you for every climb and drop off for every descent. Look out for ‘The 3 Peaks’ with Owain, and ‘The Ascent’ with Leah if you like the sound of that.

Ok, so what about some of the other acts? You might have seen by now that we have Cat on Sax performing and DJ Fergus lines up also. Cat will be playing freestyle Sax alongside some orchestral house and trance classics during the opening session. Cat has played all over the world and frequently plays at clubs in Ibiza getting the party started with her live ad-lib Saxophone at some of the best house clubs on the planet. I’ll actually be opening the show and personally can’t wait to ride with her playing beside me.

After lunch we’ll kick off again with ICG Master Trainer Ollie Ritch. Ollie is local to the venue and I’m sure his session will be a huge hit. The session is called Wheels of Steel and like you needed any more reasons to ride it anyway, Ollie will have a bangin’ set of trance tunes (he always does), an amazing light show, awesome lasers, live dancers, AND a live DJ spinning the tunes on his behalf. Craig Bishop AKA Fergus will be dropping the mix for Ollie and getting you guys hyped up and ready for an afternoon of amazing rides. I’m sure that this one will be an assault of sound, light and colour all wrapped up inside a fantastic cycling experience. If you’ve booked a tandem pass then it might be a case of rock, paper, scissors to decide who rides this one. Good luck.

To close the show, you’ll have ‘Carnival’ with Ross and Noush. If you think about the energy of a carnival, be it Notting Hill or New Orleans, that’s what they will make you bring. Samba dancers, drummers, light, sound, awesome visuals, colour and confetti will all feature in your big finale. This will be a celebration of energy and an excellent way to close what I’m sure will be an awesome show. I don’t want to give away too much detail but I’m excited to see how this one comes together.

If I could speak to you all you’d understand how excited I am about this show. I’ve taught now for nearly 15 years and I’ve been a part of amazing shows in Denmark, Germany & Poland. I’ve taught in over 40 countries to as many as 650 riders in a single class, and I’m well informed on the scale of other “shows”. If you’re in the UK, you haven’t seen anything on this scale before and if you love indoor cycling then I KNOW YOU WILL LOVE IT. This is all that we do, and we do it really well. Indoor cycling is our passion and, as a team, we’re pouring our heart and soul into this to make it the best indoor cycling show in the UK. We’d love to see you there.