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Four Ways Digital Technology Is Changing Fitness Club Management

Digital innovation is drastically changing the way that all industries (and the world) operate. Banking can be done without ever talking to anyone. Shopping no longer requires a trip to the shops. Uber seamlessly connects drivers to riders and has eliminated the art of hailing a taxi. Even farmers have agricultural management software to help increase efficiency.

The fitness facility isn’t immune to the "internet of things." And digital isn’t just about what apps exercisers have on their smartphones or the trackers they wear on their wrists. Health clubs can incorporate the latest technology to improve nearly every aspect of day-to-day operations.


Better Insights into Exerciser Goals

Knowing details about member goals is essential to helping them achieve those goals and make the most out of their fitness experience. It’s possible through a facility app that requires exercisers to choose specific goals. When you know the goals of your members it’s much easier to suggest group training classes or create training programmes specific to their fitness aspirations.

Easier Communication with Members

Frequent communication between a facility and its exercisers helps build member loyalty. Digital technology improves interaction in many ways. Trainers can send personalised workouts through a facility app and exercisers can request new workouts and comment on ones they’ve already completed.

Software can streamline email communications too, making it easier for facilities to promote events, group training classes, club challenges and more.

Organised Tracking of Maintenance Tasks

Fitness facilities that are run down, not clean or in general disrepair are extremely unappealing to exercisers. Task management software allows health club managers to create job tasks for staff and follow them to completion. The job tracking isn’t reserved to just equipment maintenance. Software can be used to keep tabs on everything from replacing lightbulbs to replacing towels.

Monitoring Detailed Equipment Usage

Fitness equipment that’s connected to the internet can say a lot about the exercisers who use it. The information provided through connection to asset management software can illustrate when the club is the busiest, when it’s the slowest and what equipment gets the most use. This can help guide staffing needs, determine equipment rotation and inform future purchasing decisions.

These are just a few of ways that digital technology has worked its way into the fitness industry. Don't expect innovation to slow down any time soon. The future of fitness relies heavily on even more advancements. It's a good idea to keep up. 

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