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How To Create A Memorable Experience In Your Fitness Facility

About the author: Showoff are an experiential design and display company who partner with Life Fitness to deliver strategic, visual and functional display solutions, that are designed to help you present and expand your business’ identity, persona and key messages to great effect.

When you think about the fundamental experiential factors within your leisure and fitness facility, where do you start, and how do you arrive? What is required to deliver the ultimate experience to your customers?

You’ve got the space, the equipment, the experts and the activity. What’s often missing, and what can be difficult to present clearly is your brand identity, it’s personality and the clarity of the benefits you offer to the consumer. We consider “An effective way of consistently connecting with and captivating your audience.”

How your brand is perceived, your message received, and your offering is delivered and experienced are all key considerations when defining your objectives for meeting customer demand and expectations.

Some of the key components to consider when thinking about creating your facility experience in terms of design, display and installation are:

  • Does it enhance the appearance and appeal of your facility?
  • Does it compliment and define activities within your facility?
  • Does it lift and revitalise a specific space and create a space identity?
  • Does it connect consumers to service, people to product?

Here is our overview of how to map out the process to create a facility experience, giving you a flavour of what needs to be considered to execute a project effectively, and to achieve the desired results.

DREAM - we all have one, it’s where it all begins and is the catalyst for starting the project in the first place. In the first instance, you need to develop the idea into a viable prospect, leading to planning.

EXPERIENCE – what experience are you trying to create? You don’t have to be doing a complete gym refurb or new facility to create a new experience for your members, this can come in many forms. It could be a new backlit sign for the front of your building, a whole immersive environment on the gym floor, or a refresh of your cafe brand.

STRATEGY - what do you want to do? How do you do it? how do you do it right? Create your plan of what you want to achieve in terms of a concept and how you will achieve this, including defining the design and planning direction of your facility.

DESIGN - what will it look like? What can we expect in relation to customer reaction and perception? How will it help my business? Good design is a critical part of the experiential process. Define your design objectives and create a 3D visualisation with true photographic level renders so you can tangibly see what it will look like.

CREATE - what materials and solutions are you going to use? Work with companies who are experts in creating the right environment, and in complimenting an existing environment, to enable your facility to better connect emotionally with your customer. Use cost effective, durable materials that are tailored specifically for your sector and type of environment.

APPLY – there should be a strategy in everything you do! It may be to spread budget when looking at your solutions, it may be to create a specific experience with an area or space. Keep your objectives in mind to ensure get a balanced, affordable and effective solution that is right for your facility.

Below is an example of a design showing how you can transform a big open space into a facility with unique customer experience zones. If you don’t have this amount of space, that’s not a problem as you could just create one experience zone such as a HIIT zone if that is a fitness trend focus for you.

showoff image 1
showoff image 2
showoff image 3
showoff image 4

We hope this has showed how you can create a unique experience in your facility and we will continue to deliver blog updates for Life Fitness throughout this year, focussing on specific challenges that businesses face, so stay tuned!

If you would like to find out more about Showoff, visit our website and get in touch, as we would be more than happy to see how we can work with you to find a solution to make your facility unique and provide value for your members.