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Premium Equipment Blog

Create Bespoke Fitness Experiences for your Members with Life Fitness

How premium equipment can drive premium results throughout your fitness facility.

The Life Fitness Family of Brands connects your members to the best equipment in the world and transforms your facility into a place everyone wants to be.

Get exercisers into your club and keep them there with the best cardio, strength, and group training products. As the gold standard in the health club market, the Life Fitness Family of Brands offers innovation, adaptability, and durability, all with a personal touch to take your facility to the next level and differentiate your offering to attract and retain members.

But what goes into ensuring every piece of Life Fitness equipment is comfortable and effective for its users and, critically, meets the durability and reliability standards your members expect?

Life Fitness has been using biomechanics analysis as part of equipment design for over 20 years to deliver the best possible workout experience for its users. Its team of biomechanics engineers are dedicated to understanding the science behind the exerciser’s experience and using this information to inform the product development process from start to finish.

Once products are made, they are put through rigorous testing across the five test labs at the US Franklin Park facility. The team tests the entire system exactly as a user would, using stress strain evaluation and mechanical testing systems to ensure the equipment can withstand exercisers’ demands.

With reliable, properly tested and certified equipment, your members can exercise at their own pace and decide the intensity of their workout without worrying whether the equipment can keep up with their training.

Creating inviting and transformative fitness solutions that benefit every exerciser and any facility.

At Life Fitness, we believe that people’s fitness experiences are personal to them. Using data and insight, we can help facilities to gain a greater understanding of their members, to ensure their fitness offering is aligned to members’ wants and needs. 

The Life Fitness portfolio of brands allows us to attract and serve a wider variety of exercisers than any of our competitors and create unique experiences for them, from Olympic and performance to accessible, low-impact equipment. But buying premium, long-lasting equipment brings with it many more benefits. 

We provide you with a premium service, even before the purchase of any equipment. Our team of specialists expertly design spaces with our high-quality equipment to create tailored experiences that meet your unique business needs and maximise the value of your facility space. And not only that; we also make sure your exercisers keep moving with our highly qualified service team, who work hard to reduce downtime and ensure our equipment is always " in motion."

Why do exercisers want to train with Life Fitness equipment?

Investing in Life Fitness premium equipment provides all your members, regardless of their fitness level, with a unique and effective short- and long-term exercise experience. It is vital to ensure that you purchase high-quality equipment suited for both your needs and those of your members. 

Besides preventing accidents and injuries, premium equipment can help your members reach their personal fitness goals faster by enjoying a comfortable, safe, and satisfying training experience. 

Why's that? 

Athletes, especially the most advanced and elite, want to train with the best equipment on the market: equipment that features intelligent and subtle design elements that result in a natural, comfortable feel and a truly memorable experience.

Aside from having reliable, high-quality equipment in your fitness facility, the best way to set your members up for success is to keep them motivated. Our premium equipment offers immersive experiences, plenty of entertainment options and the connection to fitness apps and wearables that exercisers expect. With engaging layouts, simple discoverability and a host of other digital advances including integrated streaming video services, our consoles bring your facility to the forefront of the digital fitness world.


Life Fitness goes beyond industry standards – researching, developing and creating ideas to bring you ground-breaking products and solutions. 

As the fitness industry’s largest supplier of commercial equipment, Life Fitness draws upon its many years of experience to help you curate tailored fitness offerings. Whether it’s adapting and improving an existing space or building a brand new fitness facility, Life Fitness manages the process from start to finish; from equipment selection and layout, through to staff training and customer communications.  

Based on the needs of your members and prospects, we offer unique solutions from the industry’s widest range of fitness equipment. We tailor these solutions to brand and club aesthetic, creating customised designs that will help you stand out. 

Get in touch to find out more about how Life Fitness can support you in curating the best fitness experiences for your members.