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Uncertainty brings opportunities. Besides assuring members that your mission, vision and values remain the same, think of new innovations that come from dealing with this pandemic. Stay positive and try to think in solutions to support your business, for example:

Working from home = no commuting = more time to exercise

Delay in holidays = summer at home = gyms full in August instead of September

More exercise at home = members still need guidance = virtual fitness opportunities

More food deliveries = still want healthy options = collaborate with healthy food businesses

Necessity is the mother of invention

If you handle this situation well it may even improve your brand image, which results in an increase in affinity and brand loyalty. Establish partnerships with companies that offer products or services that solve a new problem. Show your members how you are evolving and that you are taking ownership of the situation and not vice-versa.

Combine current trends and new ‘’methods’’

Recognition can be a powerful motivator for most people. For example, did one of your members set a new PR? Did a member hit a weight loss goal? Recognise and celebrate them! If someone is working hard, they deserve the recognition.

Another great tactic for improved goodwill would be to offer free, limited membership to anyone who helped fight Coronavirus (nurses, doctors, etc.). It might be a good idea to reserve certain hours or parts of the day for specific target groups, e.g. between 10:00 - 11:00 for 70+ years or between 08:00 – 09:00 for mothers with children.

How about organising events that are not gym-based? Get people together socially outside of the gym. This can be arranged easily online and via social media.

Minor investments lead to maximum results

Think about areas of your offering that you could freshen up, for example…

  1. Paint the walls, re-style the bar or the entrance with motivational quotes or visuals – it’s amazing what a difference some subtle changes to the environment can make
  2. Re-arrange equipment (this will have to be considered anyway given the 1m distancing guidance)
  3. Offer your members something new. Is there a new trend that has developed out of the pandemic which you could adopt in your club? For example, could you offer a hybrid membership which offers members the chance to combine in-gym training with at-home virtual sessions or classes? Halo, our digital platform, can help with this for example.
  4. Could you offer members an opportunity to rent kit as part of their membership for at-home use to take that hybrid experience even further?

Did you know that in Asia, personal training studios already have a post-COVID income stream of 80% of pre-COVID?

Do you want to learn more practical hints and tips on how to prepare for the reopening of your gym? Download our Reopening ebook...