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Rethink LED

SL Console

The SL console offers an intuitive cardio experience combined with a level of digital connection to fitness apps and wearables that exercisers have come to expect.

Rethink LED

LED consoles don't have to be a commodity. Advancement in exerciser interaction like Apple Watch® compatibility and Bluetooth® connections are built into the SL console.

Attachable TV

Enhance the exerciser experience with entertainment provided by an attachable TV. Volume and channel controls are integrated into the console for easy access.

The Value of Connection

Bluetooth®, ANT+ and NFC work to provide connection to wearables, headphones, heart rate straps and more. This advanced console technology allows exercisers to workout the way the want.

Apple Watch Compatibility

Wearable technology has been at or near the top of the annual American College of Sports Medicine's top fitness trends list since 2016.
Apple Watch® connects automatically to Life Fitness equipment so that exercisers can track important metrics like heart rate, speed, and calories.

Arc Trainer Workouts

15 Total Workouts. Exercisers can use the Arc Trainer for a total-body workout or target the lower body with leg-focused options including Glute Camp, Strength Burst and Total Leg workouts.


Bike Workouts

17 Total Workouts. Give exercisers pedaling variety with four different popular hill workouts as well as Constant Power and Adaptive Power.


Cross-Trainer Workouts

18 Total Workouts. Constant Power and Adaptive Power options as well at High Intensity and Endurance Intensity options keep cross-trainer workouts from being anything but routine.


PowerMill Trainer Workouts

17 Total Workouts. Elevation Goal workouts let the exerciser take their mind off of the burn and allow them climb as high as they can.


Treadmill Workouts

22 Total Workouts. Highlights include High-Intensity and Endurance Intensity to help runners improve speed and endurance. Exercisers can also challenge themselves with eight different fitness tests, including those used by the Army, Navy, Marines and Air Force.

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