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The Bottom Line for Better Results

Glute training is in high demand. More and more exercisers want the powerful look, increased sports performance and reduced risk of injury that it can deliver. The new additions to the Hammer Strength Plate Loaded portfolio allow you to give them everything they need – and more.
Plate-loaded machines for powerful posteriors

Get in the glute zone

New Glute focused equipment

Take a look at our new Belt Squat and Glute Drive, the latest additions to the Hammer Strength range.

Hammer Strength

Belt Squat

The Belt Squat machine allows exercisers to reap the rewards of squatting without the risks of spinal compression that can come from using barbells. There aren’t any dangling free weights, either. Just load the plates, set up and go.

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Hammer Strength

Glute Drive

The new Glute Drive does exactly what the best exercise is supposed to do: make exercising simple – but not easy. Users can quickly get down to success-building hard work without needing any benches, bars or extra equipment.

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The ideal basis for a dedicated glute training zone where your members can really focus

It’s time to get in the glute zone

Hammer Strength Brand Imagery - Woman on Rack


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