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The vision of tennis

Lawn Tennis Association

With the mission to take tennis to new audiences, and the vision of 'Tennis Opened Up', Lawn Tennis Association (LTA) is here to govern and develop tennis in Britain, from grassroots participation through to the professional game. Life Fitness is delighted to be part of this journey and looks forward to inspiring healthier lives together.
The Mission
The opportunity with this new partnership creates a unique opportunity to build a health and fitness facility in your club or venue to add further value to your membership proposition, attract new audiences and grow revenue.

Just like you, we know that tennis can play a broader role within communities, and we’re determined to help you achieve as much as we possibly can. The world has changed significantly around us over the last few months and people are having to minimise the way they live their lives to stay safe, combining important aspects of their lives wherever they possibly can.

The Life Fitness team is here to work closely with you to build the right fitness facility for your local market. We help you to become the fitness hub of your community.

Introducing Life Fitness

For over 50 years, Life Fitness has been dedicated to creating innovative fitness solutions for both facilities and exercisers. With a rich history of innovation which began with the world’s first exercise bike, we place learning, development, and growth at the heart of everything we do to drive the evolution of the fitness industry.

Our mission is to ‘inspire healthier lives’, but we are also driven to inspire business success, lifestyle changes and personal transformations. We strive to see our partners realise their potential through positive outcomes. It is our responsibility to continuously improve the customer and exerciser experience so that the people and businesses we interact with can thrive.

LF Stgh 3

In partnership with the Gym Rental Company, Life Fitness presents a bespoke rental solution for LTA facilities to help make the vision become reality. The rental solution has been used to support many tennis events including the Wimbledon Championships, Davis Cup and Billy Jean King Cup. We are now inviting LTA facilities to work with us directly to create fitness spaces that accommodate both the local community and player development.

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Community Indoor Tennis Centre

These current render designs are for a Community Indoor Tennis Centre. The current mockups were inspired by existing corporate spaces at LTA which is under 1,000 square feet; we wanted to show that the space does not need to be huge.

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Perforamnce GYM-3

Performance Gym

The performance gym is more strength- and conditioning focused with the inclusion of: racks, cables, free-weights and posterior chain exercises such as the Glute Drive. The community gym is more focused on gen pop with a mix of traditional cardio with SL console, Axiom Duals, coupled with small accessories and some functional space.

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