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Born To Ride

Lifecycle® Upright Bikes

Our heritage begins with the first electronic exercise bike, since then, the Lifecycle® upright bike hasn’t stopped evolving.

Going the distance


At Life Fitness we strive for continuous improvement. Our design, engineering and research teams work diligently to ensure that we are creating a reliable product for our customers and the best possible workout experience for exercisers.

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Bio-Mechanically Correct

Life Fitness commercial upright exercise bikes simulate a road bike experience and feature bio-mechanically correct positioning for the legs, limiting stress on the knees and joints to provide a more comfortable ride.

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Premium Consoles

Keeping Exercisers Engaged & Entertained

Life Fitness offers a variety of options to keep exercisers engaged while also meeting your facility's needs.
Driving Innovation

Equipment For Every Need

A wide breadth of cardio equipment allows you to select the fitness equipment that fits your unique needs.
Built to run for ages


Our treadmills for commercial gyms reduce joint stress, provide effective cardio workouts and offer entertainment for all levels of exercisers.
Halo Fitness Cloud

Facility Management

Managing your fitness facility is easier with this comprehensive digital tool. Halo offers insights into equipment use and exerciser behavior. It also allows for seamless software updates, facility-wide equipment settings, and service notifications.