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Life Fitness revolutionises facility management and exerciser engagement with Halo Fitness Cloud

  • Cloud platform increases operational efficiencies; enhances member retention; improves exerciser experience
  • Aggregates exerciser data across more than 100 applications

ROSEMONT, Ill., March 21, 2018 – In an era when fitness technology is evolving fast, today’s gym members expect more from health clubs than just supplying the place and equipment needed for a workout. That’s why today, Life Fitness has announced the launch of Halo Fitness Cloud, a revolutionary software offering that enhances the exerciser experience while simplifying facility management.

Fitness facilities that are registered with Halo Fitness Cloud can upgrade their account to a variety of plans and features that help them create impactful experiences for the members, whether it’s promoting training services, efficiently managing club operations, or retaining members through the Halo Fitness App.

“Halo Fitness Cloud is a foundational element of our vision to be the platform that connects the world to fitness,” said Jaime Irick, president of Life Fitness. “We’re connecting facilities, exercisers and ecosystem partners on our rapidly growing platform to drive superior results and business outcomes.”

With gym members cancelling their memberships at a rate of 30 percent per year, facilities need a solution that keeps exercisers engaged at the club. Halo Fitness Cloud addresses that pain point by putting the clubs’ data into action.

With Halo Fitness Cloud:

  • Exercisers are guided throughout their fitness journey. By joining a facility that is using Halo Fitness Cloud, they’ll get personalised recommendations on the best apps or wearables to use to reach their goals, create workouts, track goals, schedule fitness classes and communicate with their trainer.
  • Facility operators can track and take action on every aspect of their club from managing facility and equipment maintenance to promoting training services and tracking when a member is at risk of canceling their membership.

“We believe in a hybrid of people plus technology, because personalised experiences don’t just come from machines,” said Jason Worthy, vice president of digital solutions at Life Fitness. “Halo Fitness Cloud will grow and evolve, and facilities that are part of the cloud will benefit from the tools and data that will bring them into fitness of the future.”

For more information on Halo Fitness Cloud’s features and plans, click here.