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Facility of the Month


Mars Athletic opened its first club in Istanbul in 2007. Offering advanced technology at affordable membership prices, it has 10 clubs across Turkey and around 240,000 members.
FOTM: Mars Athletic - Personal Coach

HIIT is booming

The Challenge

Interest in HIIT (high-intensity interval training) has surged to become one of 2023’s hottest fitness trends (as reported by ACSM’s Health & Fitness Journal). Mars Athletic (MAC) wanted to include HIIT in its offer so it reached out to Life Fitness, who partnered with Myzone to find the perfect solution.

Myzone is a wearable fitness brand, unique in how it measures effort rather than ability, and used by two million people at home and in over 9,000 facilities in 84 countries. Together, Life Fitness and Myzone created a new concept, Hammer Strength Power, which enables Mars Athletic members to maximise the benefits of group HIIT activities while enjoying a bespoke individual fitness experience via the Myzone app.

To optimise this concept for its members, Mars Athletic has created new spaces within its clubs.

FOTM: Mars Athletic plank

Co-Creation is the key

The process

“Partnerships are vital to raising the standards of health and fitness that benefit the greatest percentages of any population,” says David Stalker, CEO of Myzone EMEA. “When it comes to delivering the best exercise experience for the community, digital and physical tools need to complement each other so that a class becomes more than the sum of its parts.

Myzone’s wearable technology rewards effort rather than ability, using community elements and game-based mechanics to motivate users.

The Hammer Strength Power concept at Mars Athletic Club is proof of how Myzone and Life Fitness can deliver motivation, reward effort, and encourage positive behaviour change that lasts,” adds Stalker.

FOTM: Mars Athletic - HD Performance Trainer AirBike

Make the exercise fun

The Equipment

The newly designed spaces at Mars Athletic are equipped with premium Hammer Strength HD treadmills and air bikes, and Life Fitness Heat rowers, offering the highest-quality cardio workouts to members at every level of fitness. In conjunction with a heart-rate monitor, Myzone’s app feeds the users’ progress to a large screen, adding a gamification aspect to make the exercise fun and increase member retention

“This class allowed the trainers to detect people who had difficulties with the exercises, show easy variations of the movement thanks to their heart rate, and even take special care afterwards to provide a positive lesson for their exercise in future,” said Onur Bayhan, fitness director at Mars Athletic. 

FOTM: Mars Athletic - Group Training (1)

Increased motivation and engagement


According to a survey of ten questions at the end of the session:

  • More than 90% of users say that the Hammer Strength Power class motivated them to achieve their goals.

  • A similar number feel that watching their heart rate motivates them to work harder during the class.

  • Positive differences between the Hammer Strength Power sessions and other group classes were reported by 91% of users. 

  • 82% believe that these sessions will encourage them to attend the gym more frequently. 

“Trainers can focus on the members and the details of the exercise, thanks to the visuals that rotate on the screen. Just like a puzzle, they can combine the pieces they want to create content that is entirely for themselves and to the level or goal of the participants. This is invaluable to an instructor.” adds Onur Bayhan, Mars Athletic Fitness Director.

Participants reported that the Hammer Strength Power class increased their engagement with the fitness community and made them more likely to invite others to take part.

FOTM: Mars Athletic - Man on Heat Row

As club operators, one of our most valuable goals is to create reasons for our members to come to the club 1 more day, and this is one of the main tasks of every fitness product. With its innovation, fun, dynamic structure and connected experience, Hammer Strength Power classes make an invaluable contribution to this goal”

Onur Bayhan, fitness director at Mars Athletic

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