Software Release Center - LFconnect Web Archive


August 29, 2016

New Lifescape course packages added for manual download.
Two packages include new courses for Treadmill, Non-Treadmill and Climber products.

August 8, 2016

Enhancements made to functionality enabling custom product settings.
Hebrew and Arabic added to supporting languages.
Updates made to Chinese user registration.

OCTOBER 22, 2015

Enhancements made to functionality enabling software upgrades.
Now only view products in need of upgrades, and update at a facility specific level and by console type.

OCTOBER 21, 2014

LFconnect and MyFitnessPal now sync through
MyFitnessPal is one of the top 10 health and fitness apps on the market, helping more than 65 million people set and achieve their personalized health goals through tracking nutrition and physical activity

May 20, 2014

Jawbone Integration (connect in user’s profile on LFconnect website)
Ability to change scrolling message font and background color using LFconnect attract screen customization
LFconnect app Outdoor GPS replication added to “My Workouts” tab

March 25, 2014

Outdoor GPS Replication– record outdoor workout using LFconnect app and replay all incline/resistance changes on Discover Console – Requires phone internet connectivity; Workout is displayed in "mobile" tab, under LFconnect Workouts on console
FitBit integration (enable in users profile on LFconnect website)

January 16, 2014

Updates to Bulk Upload Functionality
Addition of the following languages: Polish, Catalan, Finnish, Traditional Chinese, Basque, Korean, Hungarian
Ability to set Discover Tablet Console time zone

October 16, 2013

Addition of Exerciser “How To” videos on LFconnect
Ability for a facility to easily create LFconnect exerciser accounts for their members
Numeric PIN and numeric password support (compatible with exercisers' Netpulse accounts)

August 2013

Ability for customers with multiple facilities to view individual facility stats on home page
Addition of Discover and Engage/Inspire software for facilities with no internet connection

July 8, 2013

LFconnect Website 5.4 
Ability for exercisers to choose their facility from a listing of all registered facilities on LFconnect
Ability for a manager to add or remove a Discover unit from their facility on LFconnect
Ability for a manager to remove another manager from their facility on LFconnect
Ability for a manager to add a manager to their facility on LFconnect

May 28, 2013

Set up TV on one console (channel names and deleted channels), automatically clones to other units via  LFconnect
Ability to create TV channel names from LFconnect

April 24, 2013

Ability to name equipment on LFconnect
Addition of Release Center on LFconnect

March 4, 2013

LFconnect user sign-up from console
Create facility custom workouts via LFconnect

Janauary 25, 2013

Ability to send workouts to groups on LFconnect
Background customization via LFconnect
Ability to export detailed asset management information to LFconnect
Manager “how to” videos added to LFconnect



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